Current Programs

Dever Justice LLC delivers programs that meet the needs of academic professionals throughout higher education—from community colleges to research universities, and across academic disciplines and professional categories. We enjoy collaborating with departments, colleges, and universities to design programs customized to the needs of individual institutions and participants. Those participants might be current provosts, deans, and chairs, but also faculty at different stages of their careers who seek to understand the broad range of roles in which they can contribute to their institutions. We have been practitioners of academic leadership at senior levels, and our programs are practice-based, emphasizing open, collaborative, and inclusive hands-on learning. We understand leadership practice as an exercise in applied diversity, and authentic leadership as an outcome of personal insight, honesty, and situational awareness.

Here are a few of our current and past programs. Please contact us at and to set up a time to discuss your ideas and needs. References available on request.


For Department Chairs

The Chronicle’s Strategic-Leadership Program for Department Chairs.

Leadership Styles for Chairs.

Strategic Action in Times of Crisis.

For Mid-Career Academic Professionals

Mapping the Mission.

The Past, Present, and Future of Academic Careers.