Beyond the Dark Side

George Justice and Carolyn Dever have recently begun a series of advice columns for Inside Higher Ed, “Beyond the Dark Side.” In these articles Dever and Justice convene a discussion for faculty, administrators, and all those interested in the future of higher education. What does it mean to take seriously the idea that faculty leadership of our colleges and universities should expand in coming decades and that significant leadership should be considered by faculty members as a positive opportunity in the long arc of a career dedicated to teaching, research, and serving one’s community?

March 27, 2020: Coming Together in Crisis Times

February 18, 2020: The Importance of Strategic Alliances

December 11, 2019: Needed: A Real Conversation About Academic Hours Worked

October 17, 2019: Computing the Windshield-Bug Calculus

September 19, 2019: The Intellectual Joys of University Administration — No, Really!

August 14, 2019: Stooges, Turncoats and Others

July 11, 2019: When It’s Right to Walk It Back

May 16, 2019: Beyond the Dark Side