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Just had a meeting with my department and by the end of the meeting they initiated the very goal and action plan I wanted them to. I feel like a Department Chair Ninja!”
~ Marianne Miserandino, Arcadia University.

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This comprehensive virtual leadership series for department chairs will kick off with strategy workshops to identify shared challenges, followed by six seminars focusing on national trends in higher education; the higher education business model; faculty diversity; enrollment and retention; innovations in teaching and learning. The series will round out with implementation workshops to take the concrete knowledge gained from the preceding weeks’ events to produce individualized development plans for the year ahead. Click for more info or to register

Dever Justice LLC is a partnership dedicated to supporting college and university faculty. Together, Carolyn Dever and George Justice offer a combined 50 years of experience as professors at a total of eight universities, large and small, urban and rural, in the north, south, midwest, and west of the US. We are deeply versed in  the pressures and pleasures of faculty life. We’ve each also served in a number of senior leadership roles, at levels ranging from the department to the institution. As professors and as administrators, we have worked to advance excellence in education and research, and to create diverse, inclusive pathways for all members of our campus communities.

Based on our experience

We believe that colleges and universities can be better.

We believe that faculty are key to positive institutional change.

And we believe that sustainable improvement for colleges and universities requires faculty who engage with full confidence as professionals and as human beings.

Carolyn Dever

Carolyn Dever is a professor of English and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies at Dartmouth College, where she also served as Provost and chief budget officer. Before stepping into her role at Dartmouth, Carolyn held a number of faculty leadership roles at Vanderbilt University, including acting program director for Women’s and Gender Studies, director of graduate studies in English, and Associate Dean, Executive Dean, Interim Dean, and Dean of the Vanderbilt College of Arts and Science. Carolyn’s was the classic case of a junior faculty member recruited into administrative service early:  she was director of graduate studies and of graduate placement at NYU’s English Department before her tenure review there.

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George Justice

George Justice brings decades of leadership, scholarship, and teaching to his work in faculty leadership development. Provost and professor of English at The University of Tulsa, Justice previously served as Dean of the Graduate School and Vice Provost for Advanced Studies at the University of Missouri and as Dean of Humanities and Associate Vice President for Arts and Humanities at Arizona State University. Justice is the author of How to Be a Dean (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2019), and he has written extensively on faculty and administrative life for The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, and Times Higher Education

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